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As DMC, founded in 1974 in Switzerland, Travelwell has been planning and organizing tailor made and very unique trips for individuals and small groups, for more than 35 years.

With our network of partners, most of them small, family owned companies, Travelwell stands - first of all - for outstanding quality. In order to achieve this high level of service again and again, our team invests a lot of time and energy in visiting and our partners frequently.

Our assessment includes not only quality and uniqueness, but also carefully reviews all safety and security matters.

All this guarantees, that our sophisticated guests will experience the very finest of programs - treasures to take home and remember for a long time. Many of our guests prove us their appreciation by coming back again and again.

Our speciality is in making arrangements for travellers who desire, deserve the difference


The true and only Matterhorn / Switzerland

Travelwell Ltd, DMC for Switzerland and all of Europe! Established 1974
Phone: +41 44 299 32 10